27 09, 2016

Help! My Daughter’s Not following Jesus

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 4 Help! My Daughter’s Not following Jesus When children embrace Jesus into their hearts and live fully devoted to Him, there is no greater joy for a believing momma’s heart. On the flip side, there’s also no greater sorrow than when your [...]

24 08, 2016

Running the Race

Following God Since the Summer Olympics in Rio are upon us as I write, I am drawing a parallel between sports and Christianity. Lately, I have found comparisons between running the race in track and following God’s plan for your life. They are quite similar. Back in high school I ran the 4 x 400 or mile relay, which [...]

22 06, 2016

Girls Worth More

You are worth more than to be gawked at! 39% of all teens are engaging in sexting. You know, where you send a nude picture, or partially nude picture of yourself to someone via text. This has become a norm in our society and one of the greatest pressures our girls face. Doesn’t your heart cringe at this statistic? I suspect [...]

18 06, 2016

Girls Embracing Truth Launches Christian Ministry

Girls Embracing Truth Launches! It was during a BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) lecture that God clearly put a vision on my heart for a mother/daughter conference. This moment launched gathering moms so excited to join the adventure of our first Get Real Conference in 2005. As we sat around prayerfully brainstorming in one of our living rooms what to [...]