You are worth more than to be gawked at!

39% of all teens are engaging in sexting. You know, where you send a nude picture, or partially nude picture of yourself to someone via text. This has become a norm in our society and one of the greatest pressures our girls face.

Doesn’t your heart cringe at this statistic? I suspect it’s even higher. What about those that have been lured in and feel trapped in the shame of it, so they deny it? They are not part of the statistics. Peers pressure them to try it, just once…and then it’s out there, for anyone to see in the hands of a person who has no respect for you or your heart. What was once sacred has now become explicit.

Don’t Get Exploited

Girls, don’t ever give anyone the power to exploit you. Don’t sell yourself to this game of disrespecting and demeaning women. You are worth more! You are a treasure, not a trophy. You are not to be lusted after, but loved with a love that cares about protecting your heart, not shipwrecking it. This world loves to push vulnerability…be careful. Guard your heart and mind from the snare of looking for love in places that only lust exists.
Sadly, girls are being pressured to secretly put out. If they want a date to prom, be in the popular crowd and not an outcast, they cave and with the push of a button, you have put yourself in a vulnerable position with another person who too can be lured in by the same peer pressure. Shame floods the soul. Please hear this; you are worth more. Respect yourself enough to protect yourself.

God Says You are Worth More

That unworthy feeling wrestles in the depths of your soul from engaging in this instant high that leaves you empty. Respect becomes something you sense you have lost and can’t get back. There is good news. You are loved no matter what you have done and you get new mercy every morning! Mercy not intended to repeat yesterday’s regrets but give you a fresh start to restore your soul. You can begin today to say no to the pressures and manipulation that lurks to give you a powerful high that quickly descends into a dark low. Jesus died to give all who put their faith in Him new life. He washes all who call on Him and gives us a new start! Gaze your eyes into the One who will never exploit you but always love you and give you the strength to say no thank you…I’m worth more!

“Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid: you are worth more than many sparrows .” – Luke 12:7