“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 4

Help! My Daughter’s Not following Jesus

When children embrace Jesus into their hearts and live fully devoted to Him, there is no greater joy for a believing momma’s heart. On the flip side, there’s also no greater sorrow than when your daughter rejects Jesus, walks away from His ways and into the ways of the world. Children may think our sorrow is because they’re not living as we want them to, as though we want performance or conforming.

Some children who reject the truth may even find a little joy in smashing any idolatrous image momma’s may have of their children growing up to be good Christian girls. No…that’s not where the sorrow is coming from. The sorrow that wreaks havoc in a mother’s soul for her child is because Jesus leads to life and to reject Jesus leads to death. This sorrow grips a mom’s heart because it means sorrow for her precious girl.

Choosing the temporary pleasures of sin will always lead to sorrow. Choosing to reject Jesus will always leave a person empty. Not just in this life, but eternal separation from God. Hell is no country bar party experience with friends. The scriptures are clear…burning heat and gnashing of teeth. This is the sorrow that pains a mom who knows the truth, believes the truth and experiences life transformation from the truth.

Walking in the truth leads to peace that surpasses understanding regardless of life’s circumstances. It means being graciously guided by The Loving Shepherd all your days. God has abundant life for those who follow His ways and there is nothing a believing mom wants more than for God’s promises to be her daughter’s reality.

What to do when your daughter’s chosen her own way?


Pray like your child’s life depends on it! Like Jacob who wrestled with God, keep in the fight until He blesses your daughter with a heart embracing Jesus. Don’t get weary, don’t give up. Get out of your daughter’s face and onto your knees.

Ask Others for Prayer

Surround yourself with others who are for you and will join you in prayer! We all know there are friends who are really for us and friends that pretend to be. Confide and surround yourself with praying friends who sincerely want God’s best for your daughter. Sharing your heart with friends who secretly gloat or find relief that they’re not the only ones with wandering children will only lead you to compromise and heart ache.

Love Her

Kindness, not lectures, leads to repentance. Deep compassion is how God promised to bring Israel back and deep compassion is how we can display Christ in hopes God will bring your daughter back.

Stand firm in truth

God is never calling us to compromise in order to maintain a false peace. Truth rooted convictions will shine a light even when darkness is preferred. Standing firm doesn’t mean using God’s Word to abuse. Standing firm means we don’t waiver on what we believe and we don’t change our beliefs to suit the culture, or our daughter. We don’t put our heads in the sand and pretend everything’s good. We also don’t push them further away by giving them words their hearts are not prepared to hear. God has dealt with rebels since Adam and Eve. He can handle your daughter’s rebellion. Be patient, trust God and know that salvation comes from God alone. Only He can save a rebels heart. God, not moms, get the glory for salvation. It’s not us…its Jesus who saves. Don’t carry the burden of salvation; it’s not yours to carry. Remember it’s a spiritual battle, not a physical one. Keep focus on who the real enemy is and what he’s seeking to accomplish: Division between you and your daughter as well as division between her and God. Go, fight the good fight!


Father, the One Who is Mighty to Save! Save my daughter! Have mercy on her Lord and shine light on her destructive life. Open her eyes to see how good You are! Father, forgive me for the ways I have created more division by lecturing instead of loving. Forgive me for the ways I blow it displaying Christ to her. Fill me with your power and love to stand firm and walk in Your ways. Lord, my heart cannot bear the sorrow of her rejecting Jesus. Salvation is truly a gift and one I pray You would mercifully and graciously impart upon her. Give me a heart of faith to pray without ceasing, for Your glory and her good. In Jesus Name, Amen

Take it to heart:

What steps do you need to put into action on behalf of your daughter?