Following God

Since the Summer Olympics in Rio are upon us as I write, I am drawing a parallel between sports and Christianity. Lately, I have found comparisons between running the race in track and following God’s plan for your life. They are quite similar. Back in high school I ran the 4 x 400 or mile relay, which is a real lung buster! The main goal is to run at a near sprint around the entire track, focus straight ahead and make sure you stay in your lane.

Stay in Your Lane

Your coach always reminds you not to drop the baton or go out of your lane or else your whole team will be disqualified! And coach will repeatedly tell you not to look back over your shoulder at the other runners because it will cause you to slow down and potentially lose the race. I think these same principals can apply to our Christian life.

Oftentimes we finally get our courage up and we get out there on the track. Maybe you are in band and trying to get better at the flute so you can move up a chair? Maybe you are in dance or an artist or a writer. You have inspirations, desires, dreams and talent. You finally try out or you enter your painting or book in a contest. Then you start to look around at the talents and accomplishments of others and your confidence wanes….guess what? You are running over the line and getting out of your lane.

God does not want us to compare ourselves with other people, even people with the same talents or gifting. To compare is to bring despair. He has created you and me uniquely! No one has the same exact experiences, talents, passion and strengths as you. You are a unique combination and God will make room for you.

It is your job to stay in your lane, focus on the finish line, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and visualize yourself winning the race….or making the team or winning the contest or accomplishing your next goal. Proverbs 18:16 says

“A man’s (or woman’s) gift makes room for him, and brings him (or her) before great men.”

Stay in The Race

God has gifted you in many ways and given you a unique combination of talents. I want to encourage you to quit being a spectator, to dream again and get back in the race. Listen for the voice of your Coach and follow Him. Be faithful to do what He asks each day and you will get there. You are ready and you may get there faster than you think!

About The Author: Amy Joob

Profile of Amy Joob, guest author.

Amy Joob worked in the modeling industry for over 15 years and is currently working on her first book, a memoir titled “Model Behavior”.  She and her daughter Arianna are runners actively involved with Team World Vision and raising money for clean drinking water in Africa.